Why Good Food Does You Good 

I believe that every time we eat, we have an opportunity to nourish our body. 

Just as we put quality fuel into our cars, eating quality food fuels our bodies so we can function at our best. 

Good quality food is:

  • Made with fresh ingredients, prepared as close to their natural state as possible
  • Nutrient-dense and typically low in calories
  • Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats and clean sources of protein


  • Your body knows how to digest and utilise real, minimally processed food as fuel so you will experience less bloating and more sustained energy.
  • The higher nutrient content leaves you feeling satiated with fewer cravings. 
  • Eating well contributes to healthy weight management, a healthy body, and a healthy life. 


We are surrounded with food-like-substances that often give a short term burst of flavour and energy, but leave us feeling dissatisfied – even mildly unwell – shortly after.  

Avoid food:

  • With long ingredient lists you can’t pronounce 
  • That is highly processed as it often contains additives that extend the shelf life or taste, excessive levels of sugar, fat, salt, preservatives, artificial flavours and colours, and even hormones and antibiotics.

Your body has to work harder to process, digest, and extract nutrients from processed, artificial food-like-products. Additives can cause allergies, bloating, and mood swings as you attempt to rid them from your system, and eating nutrient deficient food causes your body to crave more until it feels satisfied.. 

As you eat less processed foods and begin to eat mainly whole, natural foods, your palette will adapt and you will taste the fullness of natural flavours in a new way. The nutrients in your meals will enter your cells and your body will thank you with enhanced energy and overall well being. 

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