Giving Back – 500kms in 5 days!

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I was recently inspired to take on a challenge way outside my comfort zone, and give back to children who have had a life far less fortunate than my own.

In February 2014, after 6 months of fundraising and training, I raised over $6,000 and completed a 5 day, 500km push bike ride through north-east Thailand. Together with 28 other entrepreneurs, we raised over $180,000 which funded the building of a brand new orpahange to house 90 AIDS affected children in the provence of Udon Ratchitani.

Life Changing

This was such a profoundly life-changing experience, and I have now committed to another ride in 2015. I will again be raising a minimum of $5000 that this time will go towards removing young women and children from the Thai sex trade, and providing them with a safe home and education.

All of this has been made possible through the vision of Peter Baines and his charity “Hands Across The Water”, and inspired by my business coaches, mentors and peers at “Business Blueprint”.

If you would like to make 100% tax deductable personal or corporate donation, please do so via:

As you will see from this video, it wasn’t all hard work 🙂

With Thanks

Thank you to the generous souls who sponsored my husband Dave and I last year.

And big thanks especially to our three major sponsors: – Lisa and Alex – Roslyn Lane – Jono and staff


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