Bondi to Bali: the magic of week one

When you have a dream, you have a choice. You can continue to wish and wonder, or you can take the steps to turn that crazy idea into a reality. I chose the latter, and now I am here, living my dream – writing from my computer amongst the rice fields of rural Bali. Nine weeks ago my husband and I made the decision to uproot our family and move from our comfortable Bondi bubble to an unknown life on the little island of Bali.

Our new back yard!One week in, and I am surprised at how settled we all feel. Perhaps it’s that we are still in “holiday mode”? The frequent swims in our little pool, the visits to the local water slide park, eating out every night. But I believe it has more to do with the people we have met – the open hearts of the locals, and the calm of the lush landscape that surrounds us in our cosy temporary home.

You see, we have arrived here with open hearts too, with a sense of adventure and most of all a trust that our life here will unfold as it is meant to. And that intention brings with it a sense of calm and ease and flow. I know it is early days, and there may be challenges along the way, but here there is magic – and we are seeking it.

The Magic of Week One:

  • Arriving in the dark to our temporary home. Happy yet exhausted and full of anticipation.
  • Being woken – still in the dark – by the seemingly never ending crowing of the neighbouring rooster, and the occasional squealing and snuffling of a nearby pig.
  • Peering over the bamboo fence to find that rooster, and watching the sun rise over the magical and unexpected view of rice fields all around.
  • Sitting with husband and wife housekeepers: Wayan and Jose, and learning some local tips and basic Indonesian phrases.
  • Precious moments as our daughters watch in wonder while Jose picks a coconut from the tree in our yard – and watching them drink its water and eat the fresh juicy flesh.
  • My husband hiring a scooter and braving the crazy roads to pick up takeaway lunch, while the girls splash in delight in their very own pool.
  • Me learning to ride that scooter over the bumpy tracks through the rice fields, away from traffic, but in full view of giggling locals!
Bali Life - learning to ride a scooter
Bali Life – learning to ride a scooter!

Each evening as the sun sets we count ‘our’ gecko’s as they venture out, on to the ceiling. We listen to ‘our’ pig as he snuffles and squeals, and we hope that the local barking dogs have loving homes, such as the one we are creating here in Bali for our family. Our morning wake up calls have already become a welcome and comforting reminder of the leap of faith we have taken and the sense of excitement at the adventure that lies ahead.

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