My work stems from the fundamental truth that we all have innate wisdom, and our bodies are always speaking to us with the sole purpose of guiding us to health and wholeness.

We have the power to heal ourselves naturally when guided and informed.

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I was first introduced to the concept of Food as Medicine when I was told I wouldn’t be able to conceive a child. Once I did become a mother – naturally – I experienced chronic fatigue which lead to a deeper understanding of the impact emotional stress has on our bodies. It took one more health challenge for me to go “all in” and train as a somatic healer. Within three months of learning about the nervous system and metaphysics, I healed my Frozen Shoulder which had caused chronic pain for several years.

I now bring my embodied understanding of healing in an approach that works WITH you, to guide you back to the truth and infinite possibility of who you were born to be. 

Together we identify the stressors in your life that have caused blockages in your nervous system, and through the power of transformational healing coaching, we set about removing chemical, physical, and emotional stress in your life.

Once you have identified, and truly understand the nature of stress and mind-body connection, we can tap into your innate, empowered self, and build a life you love based on your values, principles, purpose and passion.

From this space, decisions become clear and concise, insecurity drifts away, anxiety and stress are diminished, and vitality and possibility is restored.

Would you like to speak with me about working together? Book a complimentary 30 minute call here:

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With love and commitment to your infinite health and joy x


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