I used to love to bake. When I was a student, and then again as an unemployable globe-trotter who’s life and heart was divided between two countries on the opposite side of the globe.

I also used to be about 10kg heavier. And a sugar addict. And a little bit lonely. And a lot lost.

Once I “found myself” and married my wonderful husband, we were told we wouldn’t conceive children naturally, which set me on a path to learn about the body’s ability to heal itself naturally, when respected and nourished on all levels.

Like everything in life, the words on this site are a culmination of a journey of self discovery: gaining confidence, finding my passions, “trusting in the process”, working through the stress and the doubts, and continually practicing my lifelong lesson of “progress over perfection”.

I am not a professional in the kitchen – in fact, far from it. I make a mess, I hate following recipes, I don’t measure anything, and according to my lovingly supportive husband, I always use the wrong knife!

I am a short-cut taker, always looking for the path of least resistance. If the recipe says use two pots, I’ll find a way to make it work with only one. After all, life’s too short to wash dirty dishes right?!

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and over the last decade have owned two organic, Iku Wholefood takeaway stores in Sydney’s CBD. Iku has inspired in me a passion for nutrition, animal welfare, and the environment, and together with my own health challenges, has led me to a life and love of plant-based eating.

I am a creative at heart. And with my newfound love of wholefood, the kitchen has become a place for me to play around and get messy with new and healthier versions of old favourites. A place where I work out the simplest and quickest way to nourish my family with well balanced, nutrient rich foods.

Our food system is broken, our environment is at a turning point, and our health is suffering. I’m one Mum on a mission to inspire families to true health and vitality. To demystify the marketing hype surrounding our food industry, and to prove that you can – like me – be busy, impatient, health conscious AND environmentally aware ALL at the same time!

Thank you for visiting me here. I’d love you to stick around for a while, and join our community over on Facebook and Instagram

Sydney Lunch Delivery

My Sydney City Iku Wholefood store offers a desk delivery service to busy, hungry professionals. Simply order for your next meeting or event here and enter the code CITY20 at check out, for 20% off your order!

Alternatively, pop into my store in the 25 Martin Place Food Court and we’ll make up a fresh box of nourishing food to take back to your colleagues.

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